Luca di Luzio - Jazz Guitarist
Interview: Luca di Luzio, sounds of the heart
Inteview to Luca di Luzio published in "La Nuova Ferrara" on September 16th in occasion of the charity event organized by the editorial staff itself for earthquake funds. Luca di Luzio 4ett was invited to take part to the event.

Luca di Luzio during the concert on September 20th in Ferrara
The “Luca di Luzio 4ett” will close the charity event to be held on the 20th September at 9pm in the Sala Estense. The guitarist Luca di Luzio was born in Puglia but moved to Ferrara at the age of 17 years ( his love for jazz music blossomed whilst living in Ferrara), here he talks about his decision to take part in this event dedicated to the victims of the earthquake.

Why were you asked to play at this event?
This collaboration is the result of the working relationship I have with BH Audio and with Andrea Carli. When he asked me if I would be interested in taking part I accepted straight away.

Have you taken part in events of this kind before?  
No, not since the 20th of May of this year, but we took part in similar events following the earthquake in L'Aquila.

How will you be taking part?
We will be playing twice,  at the beginning and at the close of the evening. We also worked on the soundtrack for the film prepared by Unife. The 7 minute film is accompanied by 3 tracks that follow on form one another in a defined direction. Our concert at the end of the evening t will include tracks from our usual repertoire.

What do you mean by the words “ defined direction”?
 The sequence of the tracks represents an emotional  journey, at the beginning the music reflects tension, followed by a feeling of sadness and fear  and then finally the last track conveys a feeling of rebirth and reconstruction. We have tried to portray the events of the last few months in music, from the very beginning  up to today.

What kind of jazz do you play?
Our repertoire includes Latin, Brazilian jazz music. It is a form of jazz that is contaminated by different cultures, experiences and tragedies.  We all come from different areas of Italy and of the world so we naturally bring with us different cultures and experiences.

How long have you been together as a band?
I have played the guitar since I was 16, playing rock, blues and now jazz. We have been playing together as a band for 4 years. During this time we have played over  100 concerts and have produced a Cd and Dvd. We play well together and the band has a great “feel” to it.

What connection do you have with this event?
We all come from areas that have unfortunately experienced natural disasters, or tragedies and so we all feel in some way, directly or indirectly, involved in this charity event.
Luca di Luzio, Pier Mingotti, Chica Piazzolla, Tom Sheret, Flavio Piscopo during the concert
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